Lyle Dailey
Shawn Bullock
Jim Bockrath

Meet the team

Real job: Sales Engineer

Road Category: 4

Education: BS Electronic Technology

Why he rides: Loves to compete and enjoys the outdoors.

Palmares: Podium @ Orbital 2022 while in AFIB

Favorite Food: Coffee

Favorite Movie: Star Wars

Real job: Land Acquisition Manager

Road Category: 3

Education: University of Cincinnati

Why he rides: I race my bike for the thrill of speed, competition, and pushing my physical limits. The riding community provides camaraderie and motivation that enriches my life, reminding me that age is just a number.

Palmares: RAAM, 2nd (4 man team)

Favorite Food: Peanut butter Perfect Bar

Favorite Movie: Gladiator

Real job: Consulting Engineer, Turbine Aero

Road Category: 4

Education: Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering

Why he rides: Fitness and adventure

Palmares: 208 miles in Calvin's Challenge 12 h race

Favorite Food: Alpine Cheese

Favorite Movie: Winged Migration

Real job: Scientist / underwear model

Road Category: 3

Education: Ph.D. Biochemistry

Why he rides: "I look good in lycra"

Palmares: 4 time Ohio State TT champion (cat. 3 or masters)

Favorite Food: Burritos, UDF milkshakes

Favorite Movie: Caddyshack

Sean "Dr. Diesel" Davidson
chip dobson

Real job: HS teacher and cross country coach

Road Category: 3

Education: B.S., Masters Education (UC)

Why he rides: Mental escape and fitness

Palmares: 1st place Riley Road Race

Favorite Food: Mike and Ikes

Favorite Movie: Chariots of Fire

Dale "D-train" Eads

Real job: Owner Eads Fence, Gates, Decks and Railings

Road Category: 3

Education: School of hard knocks - Masters degree

Why he rides: To stay fit and healthy and be competative

Palmares: 13 State medals over the years

Favorite Food: "Anything I can forage in my back yard"

Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz

Adam Goodale
Marc Jurewicz
Tony King

Real job: ENT Physician

Road Category: 3

Education: B.E. Vandy, MD (UC)

Why he rides: "I look good in lycra"

Palmares: Ohio State Cat. 3 Crit Champion

Favorite Food: Cereal

Favorite Movie: Top Gun

Real job: 6th grade teacher

Road Category: 2

Education: Edinboro U. of PA/ U. of Dayton

Why he rides: It's my therapy...physical, mental, & emotional. Riding my bike allows me to see parts of this world I otherwise wouldn't.

Palmares: My very 1st weekend as a Cat 3 (which I didn't think I was ready for), I did the Oak Ridge Velo Classic Omnium and won the Cat 3 Crit!

Favorite Food: Sweet & Salty Kettle-Style Popcorn

Favorite Movie: Olympus Has Fallen

Real job: Sr. Dir. Seimens

Road Category: 4

Education: BS: Mech Eng MS: Computer Science

Why he rides: Good for Mind, Body and Soul

Palmares: Qualifying for UCI World Gran Fondo

Favorite Food: Nuts

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Carson McClelland
Rob Messmer
Thomas 'Richie' Minner

Real job: Engineer GE Aerospace

Road Category: 3

Education: Military/College

Why he rides: Structure and camraderie

Palmares: Going really fast

Favorite Food: Kettle Chips

Favorite Movie: Heat

Real job: Technology and Sales Leader

Road Category: 2

Education: Finance and Marketing, Miami University

Why he rides: "It's more fun than golf"

Palmares: 10th at age group World Triathlon

Favorite Food: Beer

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Real job: 4th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher

Road Category: 1

Education: Middle Childhood Education- Muskingum College, M.S. Education and Allied Professions- University of Dayton

Why he rides: I'm a competitive person, and I have a life-long goal to stay in shape. Plus, it's FUN!

Palmares: 2019 Hyde Park Blast- 4th place, 1st Ohio Cat 3

Favorite Food: Beer

Favorite Movie: Top Gun

Matt Matthews

Real job: Government

Road Category: 3

Education: High School

Why he rides: Health, Friends, competition, and having new challenges

Palmares: Cat 3 win at Lynchburg road race. Two man break.

Favorite Food: Nachos

Favorite Movie: We Are Marshall

Melvin Pickard
Mike 'Pip' Piposar

Real job: Entrepeneur

Road Category: 3

Education: B.A. - Morehouse College: Finance, Economics

Why he rides: Great exercise and love the competition

Palmares: 3rd Lebanon Crit Masters

Favorite Food: Twizzlers

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Real job: Pharmacist

Road Category: 2

Education: Ohio State

Why he rides: To stay in shape

Palmares: 12 time Ironman

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber

Bill Ralph

Real job: P&G Retired March 2023

Road Category: 4

Education: BS Chem Eng.- MSU. MBA - Cardinal Stritch

Why he rides: Like minded friends and to keep ‘old’ away

Palmares: John Bryan race podiums with my kids

Favorite Food: Any kind of cookies

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

David 'Horse' Hart

Real job: Certified Technical Roof Consultant

Road Category: 3

Education: BS Science, Purdue University

Why he rides: It keeps me fit and sane, but not in that order

Palmares: 25th Masters Worlds CX Championship

Favorite Food: Smoothies and M&M's

Favorite Movie: The Ten Commandments

Alex Schultz

Real job: Financial Analyst

Road Category: 3

Education: UC, BBA in Operations Management

Why he rides: To stay in shape and for my mental health

Palmares: Upgrading from cat 5 to cat 3 in one racing season

Favorite Food: Tortilla chips

Favorite Movie: Water Boy

Michael Sovec
Derek "DVH" Van Hoose

Real job: SEC and Technical Accounting Consultant

Road Category: 4

Education: BS Business Administration Cal State Northridge

Why he rides: Keeps me in shape and help reduce the aging process

Palmares: Showing up to race

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter Cups

Favorite Movie: Airplane

Real job: Surgical Assistant

Road Category: 2

Education: Bachelors- Wright State, Juris Doctorate- University of Cincinnati

Why he rides: Freedom and competition

Palmares: Triple Crown in 2019- Time Trial, Road Race, and Criterium State Champion (Masters 35-39)

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Movie: The Triplets of Belleville

Alan Wiley

Real job: CEO

Road Category: 3

Education: Ph.D.

Why he rides: It's an unhealthy obsession

Palmares: I did once luck out and get a masters state crit championship

Favorite Food: Salt and vinegar crisps (chips to you yanks)

Favorite Movie: Master and Commander

Todd Robenson

Real job: Attorney

Road Category: 4

Education: B.S., Public Policy, Indiana University; J.D., American University, Washington College of Law; LLM, Taxation, Georgetown University Law Center

Why he rides: I love the fitness and time outdoors and appreciate the "time out" from life

Palmares: 5 time Ironman

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Favorite Movie: Friday